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"I am impressed with the quality of your product and the labor crews sent to erect the buildings. You guys did a great job for us."

Tim Stone, A+ Self Storage of Tennesse

If you’re an owner, contractor or developer interested in building quality self-storage facilities, look no further than Express Building Systems. From single-story self storage facilities, to climate controlled multi-story facilities, we provide highly versatile metal building solutions designed to suit your unique budget, tastes and self storage requirements.

Why Choose Express Building Systems?

Quality: Our exclusive bolt-together metal building systems provide a strong and durable structure that withstands the elements over time.  Pre-punched for a perfect fit, the pre-engineered, easy-to-assemble metal building components eliminate the need for on-site welding.  This metal building system allows you to reduce labor costs while providing an attractive and economical self storage facility that will last.

Service: Whether you’re building a new self storage facility, or expanding an existing self storage facility, Express Building Systems will assist you with site planning, layout and a unit mix that will maximize your rentable storage space.  Our skilled experts can also help you design an appealing exterior to your metal building a professional finish.  What’s more, we’ll work with you to expedite the permitting process – so that you can get started with your self storage project as quickly as possible.

Express Building Systems is a one-stop resource for all of your self storage needs, offering superior metal building structures at competitive prices.  Our 20 manufacturing locations provide economical freight costs with the ability to service metal building projects all over the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean basin. 

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